The Institutes CPCU Society Now Open to All Risk and Insurance Professionals

Wed, 02/02/2022 - 15:03
by Susan Wisbey-Smith, VP, Brand Marketing

The Institutes CPCU Society Now Open to All Risk and Insurance Professionals
MALVERN, Pa. – For the first time in the 77-year history of The Institutes CPCU Society, membership options are expanding to welcome all professionals working in the risk management and insurance industry. As of Nov. 1, 2021, the CPCU Society has introduced new member categories to include any industry professional. Most notably the new Pathways member category will welcome the most diverse variety of professionals to the Society.
“For the first time in the history of the Society there is a place for all risk management and insurance professionals who want to grow, connect, and learn with our over 15,000 members,” said Sharon Koches, CPCU, RPLU, AAI, 2021 President and Chair of the CPCU Society Leadership Council.
The Institutes research shows that on average, professionals do not earn their CPCU designation until they’ve been in the industry for 10–12 years. By offering more inclusive membership opportunities, the Society will be able to support other individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals. And as an organization dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism and ethics, this will empower more insurance professionals to come together and continue raising the standards of the industry.
“By welcoming members earlier in their career, we’re able to better meet the needs of the industry. The Society can offer all insurance professionals a place for networking, continuing education, and a way to develop leadership skills through volunteering and active involvement,” commented Chris Hampshire, CPCU, incoming President and Chair of the CPCU Society Leadership Council.
“Through our membership expansion, the Society will evolve into an organization that works to support all industry professionals in any stage of their careers. Along with the preservation of what makes the Society great, the membership expansion efforts will seek ways to be more equitable, inclusive, and to offer an even stronger value proposition to the industry,” said Spenser Villwock, MNM, IOM, CAE, Executive Director of the CPCU Society.
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